Notes Starter Candle Glass White

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What you'll need to get started.

Candle Starter Glass: Contains Starter Vessel and Silicone Cleanout Insert

Starter Candle Glass

(includes candle glass & silicone clean out insert)

Santal & Atlas Cedar: Candle Refill Kit comes with enough wax beads to make one candle + fresh cotton wick.

Candle Refill Kit

(includes highly fragranced wax beads & cotton wick)

How To Set Up Your Candle

Step One: Thread wick through silicone insert and place insert in Starter Glass vessel.


Remove wick from Refill Kit. Thread wick through hole in bottom of Silicone Cleanout Insert. Place Wick and Insert in the NOTES® glass.

Step Two: Fill. Fill the Starter Glass with entire contents of the Candle Refill Kit.


Pour ALL wax beads from Refill Kit into NOTES® glass. Pack in the beads to make them dense. It's ok to create a mound on top to use all the beads. Trim your wick to 1/8" above the beads to prevent excess smoke & soot.

Step Three: Burn the candle as you would a traditional container candle. Note, it will tunnel at first.


Light candle and enjoy! For best results, burn 4 hours; allow to cool before relighting. Take note, tunneling is normal for the first half of the candle burn. When 1/4" of wax remains, extinguish flame. NEVER add wax beads after lighting the candle. Save them for your next candle refill or use in a wax warmer.

Step 4: Refill. When 1/4 inch wax remains, remove the silicone insert and invert to remove remaining wax. Repeat process described in step one.


Once wax has cooled, pull Silicone Cleanout insert to remove from glass. Flip insert inside out. Remove remaining wax and wick. Your NOTES® Candle Glass is now ready to be refilled with a NOTES® Candle Refill Kit in the fragrance of your choice.

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